Friday, July 31, 2009

Clayton's 9 month pictures!

I finally took some more pictures of Clayton! He was not into the hat at all, but he would leave it on for a little bit if I gave him the camera cord to play with. Of course, it went straight to his mouth.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back in the Saddle - kind of

Whew! What a month it has been! We have moved (twice now) and are finally in our house. I am far from being unpacked, but at least we are in and I'm working on getting settled. I finally have internet again (hooray), so get ready for some posting!

We moved from GBS campus on June 20 into my brother's house. The UNIT is definitely the way to go. We loaded it up, they hauled it away, stored it at their warehouse, and then brought it to our house when we were ready to unload it. The trickiest part was deciding what we didn't need to have/use for a month.

Aaron and Clayton on Father's Day!

We really enjoyed our time in Missouri for July 4th weekend. It was especially fun to watch Clayton and Elijah (Dana/Phil's baby) since they are only 5 weeks apart.

We helped Khara celebrate her 9th birthday while we were home. Jana made her this amazing gumball machine cake!

The next week was VBS at Kenwood. The props and decorations this year were amazing!

The underground church was quite scary for some of the kids.

And all the shops in the market place - great fun!

I took Kaley (my niece, in the middle) and her neighbor friend, Madison (R) - they loved it! Here they are with Lauren. Kaley and Lauren called each other "half cousins" since they have the same aunt and uncle. :-)

The outside games were always a big hit!

We had a great turnout for the hot dog cookout on Friday night when the parents where invited.

I took team pictures of each family and these were given to the kids on Sunday morning at the program. It was a great VBS!

While staying at Jeff/Vicki's Kaley and I made cookies one afternoon with her neighborhood friends. I think more dough got eaten than actual cookies. :-)

We really enjoyed eating on Jeff/Vicki's new deck!

Clayton and Emme played really well together - except for when Clayton would take Emme's toys. For some reason, he always wanted what she had. She would squeal and he would giggle.

They played on opposite sides of the door for so long. :-)

We took a break from packing and went to The Cone. Clayton loved my chocolate ice cream cone!