Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Memories

Wow! Christmas 2010 is already gone! It's hard to believe Christmas is over, and then again it feels like a long time ago.  :-)   Here are a few pictures of our 3 Christmas (the condensed version, since I've tried to post these 4 times now)!

Christmas: Part 1 - Home at our House

Two anxious kiddos, ready for presents!

Yeah for cars!  Every boy needs lots of 'em!

And yeah for clothes - every girl needs lots of 'em!  :-)  Especially a cute t-shirt with a camera on it (wish I could find one like this for me!).  :-)

When Clayton opened this, he said, "Ballgame!"

Clayton sitting at the picnic table that we got for both of them.

It's so funny what they choose for a favorite gift.  Clayton loved this little push broom and insisted on sleeping with it - no kidding!  I kept hearing it bang against the wall as he turned over during the night. :-)

 Christmas: Part 2 - Englund Christmas in Missouri

The girl cousins loved helping make peanut butter balls - and we all loved helping eat them up!

The boy cousins were fascinated with electronic games and the beeping from Catch Phrase.

We sure love playing games as a family - Acquire is the all-time favorite!

Happy Addy!  I am so glad her hair is long enough for curlers!

Emme and Clayton would be happy for Khara to read them books all day long!

Clayton and Kaden helping chop pecans using the "magic grinder"!

Daddy's sheep sign that I made for him.

Did I mention we love playing games?!
(We really do have more chairs, Mark.)

Christmas: Part 3 - Herring Christmas in Indiana

Clayton was so excited to see all the packages when he got up.

Hooray - a tape measure! This was one of his favorites!

He loves pretending - Cowboy Clayton here. . .

. . . and Astronaut here.  He would run around saying, "Fly me to the moon!"

Addy wanted a turn with the cowboy hat. :-)

Addy (still in her PJ's) - so excited over the nativity set.
So blessed . . . !

Friday, January 07, 2011

Look Who's One!

Wow!  Where did the first year go?  It's so hard to believe Addyson is already one! 

We celebrated her first birthday twice.  The first time with Aaron's parents - here she is with her own piece of a birthday cake they bought her.

She really got into it - literally!

The next celebration was actually on her birthday, December 21.  I made her a doll cake.  Clayton was so fascinated with this cake and kept wanting to touch it.  I actually had to hide it until we were ready to eat it, because he kept trying to get it.

Addyson liked her cake too - she kept waving at the doll.

A close up of the cake that I forgot to take until after I had cut a slice. :-)

Ready for my present!

Oh wow!
(By the way, I am in love with online shopping! Awesome discounts, delivered right to your door!)

Ready to ride!

The first of many rides around the circle with her faithful pusher - Clayton!

What a joy to have a daughter!!