Tuesday, June 05, 2012

May in Review

Is it really June already??!!  Wow! May went so fast . . . here's a snapshot of our month.

We sang and recorded lots of songs for a little DVD to send to the grandma's for Mother's day.

Had fun playing with cousins (Camen & Clayton)...

...and Emme and Addy.

And lunch with 5 little ones = great fun!

Allie with a guitar and Addy with her mop (aka microphone), put on quite a show.

Made really cool brownies in their own little pans and even painted them with real icing!

The finished product - Addy mostly preferred poking them over painting.

They love "helping" in the kitchen.

Aaron thought maybe he should start Addy in golf lessons. After all, she's nearly 2 1/2 yrs old. :-)

So glad my kids LOVE going to the library. They have discovered the fascinating computers - ones especially for toddlers.

We can't hardly get them to leave once we are there.

Addy took the "relaxing" part very seriously. :-)
The West Chester library is great - tons of good kid books and tons of Adventures in Odyssey on CD!

Enjoyed the Collingsworth Family live taping concert in Mason - so good!

Addy practicing her camera skills. This is her doll, Ava.

Mother's Day with 2 precious blessings (that didn't want to have a picture taken)!

Addy wanted to "hold" Drake (her buddy from church). She's not quite old enough to alone and this is what it looked like - so funny!

Special cards from special kids after I had been gone all day for GBS board meeting.

We "occasionally" have crazy days around here. 

My poor little nieces, Emme (4) and Allie (2) accidentally drove this vehicle down their very steep hill in their backyard - alone!

Which resulted in this crash. So thankful they didn't get hurt worse.

In addition to bumps and bruises, Allie had 9 stitches.

We were so glad they came for a play date. Addy mowed, Allie pushed the ice cream truck, and Emme swept. :-)

Camen, Clayton, Emme, and Addy getting ready to leave for Kaley's school program.

A picture with Kaley at her school.

Eating outdoors!

And eating indoors, brownie batter in the middle of the floor - why not?

And we ended the month with a great trip home to Missouri (posted lots of pictures of that trip on FB)!

Happy June!