Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This and That

Addyson all dressed for church. I just love this outfit (thanks, Jana!).

Clayton having one of our favorite snacks - popcorn and juice! This snack is our traditional Sunday afternoon snack. (No, I normally do not have him eating in his high chair with a white sweater and a white turtleneck, but it was nearly time to leave and popcorn shouldn't hurt too much.) :-)

We have had a LOT of snow recently!

Right after we paid this guy to clear our driveway, it started snowing again!

The snow is pretty, but I'm ready for Spring!

Clayton is really wanting to use a spoon to eat, which is great - except for the fact, that he's not that great at making his mouth, yet. He'll learn soon enough! :-)

I got him this balloon for Valentine's Day (a chocolate covered strawberry balloon). He would hardly let it out of his sight and had to hold it while he ate breakfast the next morning.

Venture to the Mall

We tried it and we survived. We took the kids to the mall last week. I'm still waiting on a double stroller, so we probably looked pretty interesting going through the mall with Aaron and I both pushing a stroller.

Clayton went crazy when he saw all these cool things to ride on. He didn't want to leave. :-) I have a video clip, but it won't load properly on here (I've tried 3 times now), so maybe I'll put it on Facebook.

Waving at the "crowd"!

Monday, February 08, 2010


A random picture update -

Addyson looked so grown up in the dress she wore for church yesterday morning. (Don't ask me why I took the picture BEFORE I combed her hair.)
Clayton was NOT happy about the Colts loss last night. :-)

Addyson, on the other hand, was oblivious to Aaron's team's performance and was smiling away. This was the first time for her to wear a jean skirt (thanks, Jennee) and I just love the little boots (thanks, Jenn)!

I am so thankful that Clayton is finally well. After he was so sick, he broke out with this terrible rash from his antibiotic. I felt so sorry for him.

With our big snow on Saturday, Aaron took Clayton outside for a few minutes. I had Clayton so bundled up he could hardly move. :-)

Fun times!

A snowball!

Addyson after her bath in her little pink bunny robe.

Clayton adores his sister and sometimes doesn't understand how to be gentle (he kissed her and we found a little tooth mark on her forehead). Eeek!

IN trip

We recently went to Indiana to do the school pictures retake day for UBC. On our way back, we surprised Grandma Young (Aaron's maternal grandmother) and stopped by to see her. She was so happy we came by!

Clayton loved playing with her cane. :-)

This was Addyson's first trip out of state.

Cameron shared his watch with Clayton.
Clayton loves walking in everyone's shoes - he was stuck once he put Cameron's on.
A musician in training!