Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Wipes Tubs = Spice Organization!

As I was trying to find a certain spice this morning for a recipe, I got irritated that I had to move ALL my spices around, still couldn't find it, and then took nearly all of them out of the cabinet still looking for it.  There must be a better way!

So, I started thinking . . . and got out my empty tubs of baby wipes (that I hadn't been able to part with, but didn't know why I was keeping them) and set to work.

I wrote the name of the spice on the top using a permanent marker, or used a label for the black lids...

Looking better . . .

But decided to alphabetize them for even quicker retrieval!

Now, if I had done this many moons ago, I would not have 2 ginormous bottles of Parsley, 2 Paprikas, and 2 Cinnamons.  :-)

It actually didn't take long, I feel much better, and now I can cook quicker. :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Red & Denim

I had so much fun today taking pictures of the kids. It had been way too long since our last session, and while we were trying, I remembered why. It's really tricky getting two kids to look the same direction, in a proper pose, with half-decent smiles.  But, the outcome is certainly worth the effort.  I love red and denim together and was so happy with these pictures!

And their reward for doing so good and being patient with me . . . a wagon ride!!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

July Happenings

Is July over already?  It was such a busy, but fun-filled month.  We went home to MO for July 4th and had a great time with family.
Adventures in the sheep pen.

Clayton was not one bit scared of the sheep.

Addy and Tanner thought the sheep food was so fun to play with.

Aren't legos more fun with the box on your head?

Khara and Kelsey with their 2 willing babies. :-)

Tanner and Clayton checking out each other's mohawks - Clayton kept asking if he still had his "hawk" later that day.

Elijah and Clayton having fun outside. Nothing says "boys" more than sticks and trees. :-)

Packed up for the long ride home - I think Karson and Elijah wanted to go with us.

Nothing says July 4th like corn on the cob! I needed an updated sisters picture for my sisters frame (our first sisters picture with corn was taken in 2000).

Don't ask me how this happened - I have no idea. Weird things happen when you are on a 10-hour road trip!  :-)

Back at home - checking on the garden.

Poor Clayton. . . he got a little carried away while singing Father Abraham and ran right into the corner wall. Ouch!!!!  I explained that he had a goose egg on his forehead and it was a little bit cracked like Humpty Dumpty's.  He got a little mixed up and told several people at church that he had a "goose crack"!  :-)

Enjoying pizza with cousins . . .

while the big boys make corn hole sets! Yes!

Hooray for fresh green beans from our very own garden!!

It's thriving!

And spaghetti sure is good!

Now let's see what August brings.