Friday, April 26, 2013

Jackson - 1 year old

My youngest nephew, Jackson Vernon, just turned one.  He is absolutely adorable and 100% BOY!  You can look at him and see mischievousness in those eyes (yes, already at one!)!  I was so happy to get a few pictures of him. Remember, he is 1 and 1-yr-old BOYS are always on the move!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekend Trip in April - Part 2

After the stop in GA (last post), we went to my sister's house (Dana's) in TN.  The kids were SUPER excited and could not wait until we arrived! 

This is a video that shows some of the "fun" that the cousins had!

That Sunday happened to be Jackson's 1st birthday, and all the kids were anxious for cake and present time!
Happy 1st Birthday to Jackson!
The kids slept in their sleeping bags inside tents (in the house, of course) - Tanner and Addy...
...and Elijah and Clayton. Fun times!
So happy to have great weather! 
All of them on the front steps . . . very similar to a picture in this same spot nearly one year ago.
Tons of fun with 2 sisters and 5 kids!
Dana has a great stash of costumes - we saw many "characters" that day...Superman, Spiderman, Muscleman...
...and Doctor Addy!
Loved hearing Tanner pray The Lord's Prayer (in full), before every meal - he is so funny!
They have a great park and creek - we stopped by for a quick peek
and a few pictures. Needless to say, we had several wet boys who needed a clothing change since they thought it would be fun to wade "a little".
Addy loved her high view!
One last picture before we head back to OH.  (And if you've never tried to get a picture of 5 kids (all 4 yrs old and younger) looking in the same direction, you should try it sometime!)  :-)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Trip in April - Part 1

We recently took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for a wedding of Aaron's cousin.  After the wedding, we stopped by TN to see my sister, Dana, and her family (Part 2 of this blog post).

Here's a few photos from our GA stop...

The huge bed at the hotel...and they scrunched up together in the middle. :-)

Georgia was beautiful! The kids even noticed their grass was different than Ohio! :-)
The church where the wedding was held was so pretty.  Addy was ALL eyes!

 A few family photos...

Not sure what was happening here . . .
. . . but don't think it went too well!
Clayton loves his Grandma Great!
Cameron was a more willing dance partner! :-)

A hug for the bride!

Aaron and his cousin, Jana.