Friday, July 20, 2012

Navy & Yellow

A photo session with your own kids has it's own set of challenges, especially when they are 2½ and 3½.  :-)   

I was a little worried when they started out like this. . .

. . . but after some fun, I do believe we have a few keepers.

He looks so grown up here!

 Running off some energy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

June in Review

Since we are almost half-way through July... here's a review of June. :-)  June was a very busy month for us, but we loved every minute of it!

Happy Father's Day!

Clayton & Addy love their cousins!

"Trying" to eat with chopsticks. :-)

Made it to family camp with our GINORMOUS tub of snacks!

Sleeping on an air mattress in Papaw's cabin at camp - they loved it.
(So funny how they both sleep nearly the same way.)

They were sooooo excited that it rained one day so they could wear their rain boots!

Clayton absolutely LOVED wiping down trays for dining hall duty.

The swings were a big hit! Clayton would rope anyone into pushing him - even the elderly. :-)  I really had been pushing him, and turned away to get Addy when she came along and said she was happy to do it. :-)

Our "toy box bathtub" was also a hit. They wanted baths in it after we got home! :-)

They thought this tree behind our cabin was pretty cool.

Fun with friends . . .

... lining up for the kids program.

A beautiful sight.. all these children singing together. (see video at bottom of post)

Back home again - thrilled that our flowers were blooming!

Another birthday!

First time to have "big girl braids" - she loved it (although a bit trying to get her to sit still enough to finish them). :-)  Is she really this old already?

Addy learned to peddle a tricycle (but we're still learning how to steer). :-)

And June would not be complete with out a big slice of watermelon!!

Loved to hear all the children singing!