Saturday, September 01, 2012

August in Review

Our month of August in pictures . . .

Fun times at Kristy's 30th birthday party!

A party at our house with all the toddlers and their families from church. We had so much fun with about 35 people here.

Addy loved her new glasses from Arby's. (Notice how long her pig tails are for future reference.)

Clayton loved these mirrors and was so excited that their were "3 Claytons"!

Off to Indiana to celebrate Papaw's birthday!

The brothers - solving the world's problems, I'm sure.

Addy with her new hat - she loved wearing it! 

More great times with friends at Joey's birthday party!

Clayton, Ethan, and Addy - fun times!


The kids got a sand box and are LOVING it!!

They play out here every day - multiple times a day!

Woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap to this horrid sight!
Addy found the scissors and used them on her hair!!! Thankfully, it wasn't worse - she cut off both pigtails (that were only holding back the front).

It looked pretty bad when I found her.
We now have lots of new hairstyles that we are trying and trying and trying. All those uneven ends and shorter hairs in front make it much harder to fix. (It will grow again.) 

Addy loves her doll and her microphone. I thought it was so cute that she wanted her doll to sing too.

Mystery shopping at Five Guys! Can't beat getting paid to eat!

And ALL MY LOOT from Walgreens! Made multiple trips to different Walgreens and stacked lots of coupons will all these items. Some were clearance items, some were filler items, and I also got 2 more cases of bottled water that I didn't want to lug up on the counter.  I spent $22.89 out of pocket for all this stuff; saved $98.37, and still have $9.50 in register rewards to use on my next trip! Whoo hoo!! LOVE these deals!
Have a happy September (and if you have small kids, hide your scissors from them and your husband)!