Monday, January 26, 2009

Shoes & Bumbo

Clayton wore shoes for the first time yesterday! When I got them tied, he lifted each foot and let it fall back on the table, like he was feeling them out. :-) He didn't seem to mind having them on at all.

It was good to see my friend, Jenn Eckert, at church yesterday. She and the girls came back from PA for a visit. Kallie is 2 months older than Clayton.

Clayton loves his Bumbo. He seems to enjoy sitting up higher and being on the same level as us, especially while we're eating supper. (By the way - I love this pork recipe I found online and tried out - very delicious and much easier than it looks!).

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ready for Spring Training!

Clayton is now 15 weeks old!! I can't believe how time flies. Aaron picked this outfit up before Clayton was born and wants to get him all trained and ready to be a huge Reds fan.

Miss Lorna

Lorna recently came over from IN for her senior pictures and we had so much fun - even in the freezing cold weather! :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mall & Jeans

A few firsts . . .
Clayton's first trip to the Mall. He was so happy and kept smiling all the time. Maybe he'll love shopping! :-)
Lesson Learned: Take the stroller next time. Aaron carried him, but he is getting really heavy.

Clayton wore jeans for the first time this week. :-) He looked so grown up!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Senior Time

Congrats to Joey - a 2009 local Senior! He picked up his pictures yesterday. He was great to work with! We had so many options, but here are a few favorites.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Ultimate Bed Head

Poor Clayton - I got so tickled at his bed hair this morning. I was laughing and he just sleepily grinned back.

He normally doesn't wake up looking like a wild man. It probably would have helped if I would have combed his hair down after his bath last night. :-)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

IN Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in Indiana over New Year's weekend and had a really great time! With my family so far away, we have to rotate holidays, so it's nice that at least one set of family is only 2 hours away.

Clayton got a little more mileage out of his Santa suit!

Uncle Gary and Aunt Bev have already made a Colts fan out of Clayton! Hooray!

These gifts were really for Clayton, but I am such a HUGE fan of Curious George that I will equally enjoy them!

Very cool - a personalized hooded towel!

A happy Santa!

Aaron and Cameron and I all got "tools" for Christmas. They got a hammer, mine was a stainless steel frying pan with a lid. I was delighted to receive this. Now I won't have to use a cookie sheet for a lid anymore. :-)

And Cameron sure knows what I love - another camera figurine to add to my collection!

Santa in a sleigh just his size!

I thought this was a cute picture. Aaron was explaining to Clayton all about building a fire.

MO Christmas

We had such a good Christmas in Missouri this year! I have a slew of pictures - I'll let the pictures do the talking. . .

There were 4 new babies this year!!

Karson is the oldest (Mark & Jana's), born in February,

then Emme (Jeff & Vicki's) was born in April,

then Clayton was born in October,

and Elijah (Dana & Phil's) was born in November!

Meet little Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Ready to find out what's in that huge stocking!

Caleb, the natural artist, loved his sketch pad and colored pencils!

The girls wanted buns for their hair and a picture so they could see! :-)

We are definitely a game-playing family. With 24 people in the house, we took cover in the basement. Jeff beat me in this Acquire game over just one measly Continental card (grr!).

Teresa, Debbie, and Andrea Lee laughing hysterically over who knows what. :-)
It was so good to see our cousins again!

And Lisa Alexander stopped by too!

Caleb was delighted with the successful hunt - a rabbit and squirrel.

What did we do before laptop computers?

It was such a treat to get to see our good friends, Jared and Melinda Hall, while we were in Missouri.

We met them at a restaurant in Bolivar and had a good time. They got to meet Clayton and we got to meet Landon.

We hadn't seen each other for 2 years! Texas is way too far away from Cincinnati!