Monday, July 28, 2008

Mini Fruit Pizzas

I love fruit pizza and I've especially been on a fruit kick recently. So, I was delighted to find a recipe for these mini fruit pizzas. I've made fruit pizza several times, but had never thought of doing them like this. The "no cutting" makes it really easy to serve and they stay pretty. We certainly enjoyed eating them at Brent/Rhoda's on Sunday evening!

Happy 85th!

Happy 85th Birthday to Grandma Young! We celebrated with her in Muncie, IN on Saturday at a restaurant which happens to be one of my favorites - Ruby Tuesdays! They have the best salad bar of any place I've ever been to.

Shirley (Aaron's mom), Aunt Bev, and Grandma Young

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dayton Air Show

We had a great time on Saturday at the Dayton Air Show! Yes, it was hot and we got quite a bit of sun, but I love being outside so I really enjoyed it.

These planes really weren't coming out of Ron's head, but it was so bright it was hard to see the back of my camera. :-)

Ron was explaining to us what part of the plane he works on at GE.

Aaron, Brent, Nathan, Ron, and Jeremy . . . very intrigued . . .

. . . with this.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Resemblance??

My crazy brother-in-law, Cameron, (all of 15 years old) has recently been intrigued with manipulating images on the computer. Aaron emailed him the picture of the ultrasound and Cameron responded with an email that said he definitely sees the family resemblance. When we opened up the attachment to his email, this is what we saw. . .

Hee hee - yep Cameron's crazy. :-)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What a Blast!

We had a great time in Missouri over the 4th of July weekend! Trips home are always too short, of course, but we sure enjoy going when we can. The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays and it was sure good to be home and in America this year (last year we were returning from the Cayman Islands on July 4th). And of course the holiday is not complete without our own rendition of a fireworks display.

The sparklers were a big hit with the kids. Aaron got 144 of them (I think we had plenty).

Only part of the stash.

Mark got a "good deal" on the cackling hens... I think we cackled more than they did. :-)

Camen did not enjoy the loud bangs, but did good with covering his ears.

..they watched from a far.

Emme - Jeff/Vicki's youngest firecracker (2 months) liked being indoors where it was much quieter.

Karson - (Mark/Jana's youngest) all geared up for the holiday.

And a trip to MO isn't complete without a Sonic stop - I sure do miss having one of these nearby. But it might be a good thing - I'd be wanting a lemonberry slush, a limeade, and a butterfinger blast everyday!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A very cool new CD!

GBS just released a new CD by Reflection, the ladies trio, that is outstanding! I love these girls' voices, and they sound so nice with the full orchestration that was added.

Thought I'd plug it here on my blog since I think the photography is really cool too! :-) I had a lot of fun with these girls - they were very easy to work with and made this photo shoot at the Purple People Bridge fun!

Here's the front and back cover of the CD (designed by Brandon Hilligoss).

(Jessica Cravens, Mandy Davison, Jacinda Cravens)

This image didn't make the CD, but I think it's really cute.

Go here to get the CD!