Friday, October 28, 2011

The Loper Kids

I was absolutely delighted when my cousin, Melissa, stopped by with her kids when they were in town! We had a fun time catching up and did some very impromptu photos of the kids when we went down to the basement. :-)  We loved having them here!


Sunday, October 09, 2011

Clayton's 3rd Birthday

Our "little" boy is now 3. I know time flies, but I'm sure the last three have gone faster than the previous ones.

A hug from the birthday boy.

Sooo excited over his balloons and birthday banner (or star spangled banner, as he called it)!  :-)

He has requested a hot air balloon cake for weeks.

He celebrated with cousin, Kaley, since she turns 10 on Wednesday. I put a video on facebook of his reaction when he saw his cake for the first time.

His own little wheelbarrow! He was excited (in case you can't see it written all over his face).

He and Addy both love having their cousins here!

Our little blessing!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

September Happenings

September seemed to absolutely fly right by - this is a "snapshot" of our month.
Playground fun on Labor Day!
They loved the teeter totter.

Clayton is usually pretending to be someone else - this day, he was Mary Poppins! He grabbed Addy's purse for his carpet bag, which I thought was pretty clever.  :-)

Addy loves to "mother" over all her stuffed animals. She decided to potty train her bear.

Fun with friends at Chick-Fil-A! (they got more excited after they ate)

Everyday messes with a 1 and 2 yr old!

Did I mention messes? Addy is the queen of them, but we have fun living life. :-)

Family Fun Day at church - the kids LOVED it!

face painting . . .

. . . and the finished product. He did not want to mess up his ice cream cone.

bounce house fun with Uncle Cameron

Lauren is such a great helper with Addy.

Fun with cousins: Kaley, Clayton, Allie, and Addy.

Enjoyed our first 3x3 with good friends Joel/Mandy & Nick/Jana. Clayton had to bring his pet grasshopper to show the group. He named is grasshopper Junie B. Jones (seriously). :-)
More fun with cousins - Addy and Allie "talking" on the phone . . .
. . . and now they decided to text each other. :-)

The BIG 35 for Aaron!

We helped him celebrate at Long Horn and they gave him a free dessert.

Clayton helped him eat it and got into it (literally) a little too much! :-)

One more trip to the zoo before those passes expire . . .
All the monkeys are definitely a favorite!
fascinated with the manatee

The absolute funniest sign at the zoo! :-)   I love the penguins!


Two of the coolest kids!