Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sweetest

I was so delighted to see my cousin, Christy, and her sweet little family last weekend. We hadn't planned on a photo shoot, but since I had all my stuff with me for another photo session, we decided to do it. I first saw Lake at 17 days old and now she just turned 1 - and so darling! I loved the pictures of them!

Christmas 2011

We had such a great Christmas and it's so hard to believe that Christmas has already been over for a month! Here's a few snapshots of all the goodness...

It's a good thing I took this tree picture when we first put it up - it never looked the same after this. Not only the continuous rearranging of the ornaments, but the tree fell completely over at 4:30 AM!

She loves her baby doll!

And he loves Mr. Potato Head!

LOVE my deep fryer! 

Clayton's attempt at taking a picture of Aaron and me - not bad! :-)

Indiana Christmas .  . .

They loved their little aprons - and we have put them to use many times already!!

So blessed.