Friday, October 29, 2010

Addyson's Dedication

Last Sunday we had Addyson dedicated.  We were so happy to have Aaron's parents and Cameron here for the weekend as well as Jeff & Vicki and their children at church and for Sunday dinner.

Very blessed and thankful for our little girl. 

Clayton sure was "cheesin" it up!

 Addy with her first rose. 

We got so tickled when she tried to get up and her other shoe was stuck to her leg!

The Herring grandparents and Uncle Cameron

Now that she is dedicated, she has been an angel all week (Ha - yeah, right!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

There's no place like home

We sure enjoyed our quick trip to Missouri last weekend.  It's always great to go home!

We stopped at a hotel on our way out and I thought Addy sitting in the middle of this huge bed was hilarious!

Clayton sure enjoyed being read to by Khara and Kelsey!

The Burley Bunch after church on Sunday morning.

Clayton and Karson checking out the brussel sprouts in Jana's garden.
These boys sure had a good time together.

We went to this little restaurant in Nevada called White Grill. It was delicious and just like the food that Dana, Jana, and I used to serve while waitressing. I wanted to take more pictures, but they were packed and I didn't want to seem too crazy.

We got our food to go and headed to a park to eat so Mark could join us on his lunch break. Just look at all those suzies - the portions are very generous!

And look what UPS delivered!  :-) 

Back at Jana's house, Clayton and Karson "patiently" waiting for the school bus to see Khara and Kelsey. 

"Pure delight" is how I would define Clayton's reaction when they finally arrived.  He loves his cousins!

Off to revival that night for our last night there.

It went way too fast.  It always does.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1 + 1 = Loads of Fun

Clayton turned 2 last Saturday and we had so much fun on his birthday! 

Balloons always make celebrations extra special!

His favorite meal is spaghetti!  So of course, on his birthday we had spaghetti. 
Here, he is enjoying it with cousin, Camen.

His cousins were standing by in case he needed help opening his present. :-)

He LOVES this playhut tunnel/tent thing we got him!

He and Camen would go through the tunnels and just laugh and laugh!

He loved his cake!  (I was relieved that he actually knew it was a cake, a snake, and the number 2!)  :-) 

The icing was his favorite part, of course!

Even Addyson loves going through these tunnels!

Here's a little video of him opening his present . . .