Friday, May 06, 2011

Mr. Tyson

We were so happy to have Kendall, Leanna, and Tyson with us for Easter weekend. And, I was so happy that I got to take pictures of Tyson (18 months). He is such a little man!  It was hard to decide which ones I liked best, but here's a few. . .

He loved this little piano!
Perhaps a future Mozart?

We were almost done when the pictures when Clayton woke up and stumbled out on the porch to see what we were doing.  He wanted a picture with Tyson (even though sleepy and hair not fixed). :-) Maybe we should make this an annual event (see this post). :-)

Cookie Time with Kids

Before breakfast this morning, Clayton asked if we could make cookies! He loves dumping in the ingredients, seeing them fly around in the mixing bowl, and then scooping them out on the cookie sheet. He also loves to crack eggs (eek!) and kept asking me where the eggs went after they were mixed in.

Here's a few photos of our "adventure" and yes, that's what it is. If you've never made cookies with two eager "helpers" that are 1 and 2 years old, you should try it! :-)

I turned for just a second and Clayton turned on the mixer. Addy and the couter got covered in flour!

Fascinated . . .

Scoop time!

So glad I had two of those cookie scoops.

Possibly more went in the mouth than on the tray ?

Addy's mouth was so full of cookie dough . . . no wonder she didn't eat much for lunch. :-)

Enjoying the final product on the front porch.  :-)