Monday, October 29, 2007

A happy wedding day. . .

Congrats to my sister, Dana Englund, and my new brother-in-law, Philip Vernon who were married on Saturday, October 27.
The wedding was simply beautiful.

Candlelighters, Jeff and Kendall.

Thanks to Aaron, who took these cool pictures from the balcony during the ceremony. I think I trained him pretty well. :-)

Flower girls (aka princesses for the day) were Kelsey Burley, Kaley Englund, and Khara Burley. They loved their "crowns."

Ladies in green: me, Jana, Vicki, Leanna

A signature mat displayed at the reception was my wedding gift to Dana & Phil. It was really neat to see all the signatures from the smallest child on up.

Children are allowed to do what adults only wish they could do. :-)

Headed off to the Cayman Islands!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Erika!

A very happy birthday to my good friend,
Erika Deuel!

Her birthday is not until Saturday, but I'm posting this early since I'll be away.

No, we're really not authentic cowgirls. But, a couple of years ago while at the rodeo, Erika and I entered a drawing for cowboy hats. They only gave away TWO hats to the entire crowd of people at the US Bank Arena and would you believe they called our names?!! We were shocked! A good many of laughs sure did follow!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Clownin' Around with Raggedy Ann

Last night we went to a Fall Costume Party at Ron and Jennee's house and oh what fun we had! I laughed so hard my sides hurt (no joke). The best part was that everyone had to come in costume. There were definitely some interesting outfits! Aaron was a clown and I went as Raggedy Ann.

It took me about 45 minutes to an hour to paint Aaron's face. I had never done this before and quickly learned that it's much harder to do than it looks. We made it though, and I think it actually came out pretty good.

Mark & Kristin went for the 50's look (aka Sandy & Danny from Grease).

Ron & Jennee were old people. They were really old people.

Dwayne & Katie were a bowling pin and bowling ball.

Aaron didn't recognize David when he and Trisha first walked in. Wigs certainly do change your looks!

Everyone lost it when Aaron demonstrated how big his clown suit was. He really needed a bunch of balloons to top off his outfit. :-)

Nicholas, the giraffe...

and Michael, the dragon, were great playmates.

The food was delicious and very festive. (Jennee is so good at that!)

And then we all carved pumpkins (and roasted the seeds, which were really yummy)! This was such a blast!

We knew we were getting tired when we started switching wigs. Isn't it amazing how your hair makes such a difference in how you look!

Friday, October 19, 2007

October is Family Portrait Month

Did you know October is Family Portrait Month? I know they nearly have a holiday for everything now and some of it is getting to be quite much. However, I think Family Portrait Month is great! If you haven't had a family picture taken recently, you really should get one done! I always tell Aaron that when we're 80, he'll be so glad we had pictures taken when we were young. :-)

Here are a few family pictures I've taken within the last month.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

GBS Homecoming

I love Homecoming at GBS! It's such a neat time to see friends and hear the new singing groups and band/choir. Homefest down in the gym afterwards is always so much fun too! It's kind of like Thanksgiving- you have to eat pretty much the whole night.

They had some really cool booths this year. This one above sold pizza and ran out twice!

This tropical booth was cute (and they sold whole dill pickles).
The wet sponges being thrown into people's face was also a big hit. I certainly would not have volunteered, but it was fun to watch.

Yes, it really was a sea of people. Hard to maneuver, but I loved it!

The high school sophomores did a good job with Coney Castle. They had a really neat idea - someone was walking around with a laptop that would take your picture with the King of the Castle (Justin Singleton's boy) and email it to you (below).

Jenny & Lisa - what do I say?

Not sure what the whole story was behind this. Rachelle shoved an entire pie in Gumby's face.

Jim and Anna Orndorff are the nicest people. They received the Alumni of the Year award - very much deserved!

Mark and Aaron - still talking. They're worse than Kristin and me. :-)

My buddy, Nathan Klotz. Somehow, he found a quiet corner to eat in peace.

Saturday morning was the dedication of the new Facilities Building. The maintenance team has needed this for a very long time - I'm so happy that they have such a nice building with lots of room. (I told Mr. Lum that this building would make a great photography studio since it's so roomy, but he wasn't too impressed with my idea.) :-)

The building from the front side. It's really much bigger than it looks in this picture.
(Dave Frederick asked if I would take this picture while he was walking along side the building - ha - totally kidding!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kaley!

Today is my niece's 6th birthday!
Have fun at Disney on Ice tonight, Kaley!



Saturday, October 06, 2007

School Pictures

School pictures are so much fun to take. It's a neat thing, if you really think about it. I'm sure there are many kids that would never get their picture taken if it wasn't for the annual school photo! I can't imagine why a parent would not want to purchase their child's picture every year (and not just because I'm a photographer!). Seriously, kids change so fast and it's so important to have a picture that records this history.

When I started doing the school pictures here at GBS, I also did class pictures (as a group) for the elementary grades. These pictures are some of my favorites. I had a class picture when I was in school and still have them! I love looking back at them and remembering all my classmates and teachers.

Here's a few from this year.