Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clayton's First Haircut!

Today was the big day - Clayton got his very first haircut!! His hair was so long I was afraid they might charge me extra. :-) We went to Cookie Cutters and they were so nice. He got a little certificate that says "First Haircut" on it with a little bag that has some locks of his hair in it and has a place for his picture. He was a little unsure at first, but did really good sitting pretty still. He sure looks like a different boy now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sickness has struck!

The little man is sick. I hate to see him not feeling well. When he woke up the other day, this is what his hair looked like. I did have to chuckle. I was so looking forward to his first haircut last week (since he's now one), but of course we have to wait until he's actually well enough to go out.

It's amazing what you do for your child when he's sick. He wanted to ride in the bed of his dump truck and it's getting much harder for me to lean over and push him around the house. So, Aaron rigged up this handy-dandy way for me to pull him around without having to bend over! :-) Clayton LOVES riding around like this and doesn't want us to stop. (I think this boy needs a wagon for Christmas!)

This is for Aunt Cindy: While I was waiting for the video to load, I had to look at some old pictures of when Clayton first "played" with his dump truck. This is when he was only a month old!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Birthday!

Clayton got to celebrate his first birthday twice!

The first celebration was in Indiana at Aaron's parent's house.

Yeah . . . a Colts ice cream cake!!

Time for presents!

Clayton was delighted with the little barn from his grandparents!

My favorite picture!

The second celebration was here in Ohio. It was so nice to have my siblings here (thanks to GBS Homecoming - and we missed you Kendall & Leanna).

My first attempt at a birthday cake!
(too bad Marianne B. lives too far away, now!). :-)

Kaley's birthday is 3 days after Clayton's, so they celebrated together.

Enjoying the chocolate ice cream!

All his cousins were just as interested in the presents as he was!

Caught the end of Kaley's.

Jiggin' at Old Fashioned Day

Clayton loves music and he certainly demonstrated this for us at Old Fashioned Day at UBC a few Saturdays ago.

It was pretty cold, so we did our best to make sure Clayton stayed warm.

It was so good to see my cousin, Rachelle.

Sarah (Rachelle's youngest girl) and Clayton enjoyed playing together.

Going inside to warm up!

The end of a long day.