Friday, July 30, 2010

Our IN Weekend +

We went to Indiana last weekend to celebrate Grandma Young's 87th birthday!

Clayton with cousin Yardley - he loves her!

Clayton sure enjoyed "helping" Papaw in his flower garden!

I'm not sure the flowers will ever be the same!

Addyson has graduated to the high chair (this one used to be her Daddy's!). :-)

Cameron was very happy to shed his tie after church and Clayton was very happy to wear it for him.

Addyson won't be wearing this dress again - it's getting too small.

Back home again - Clayton wanted a snack before bed.
He ate the whole cucumber just like a candy bar!

Addy must have had a hard nap - the hair was all over the place! :-)

Clayton sure enjoys "mowing" the lawn.

Addyson scoots all over the place now. Only problem is she can only go backwards. So, we often have to rescue her when she gets her legs stuck under the couch! :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random stuff . . .

Random stuff . . .

Curious George is now the new baby. Clayton put him in the Bumbo seat and then proceeded to wipe his mouth. :-) He has had George in the swing, the jumperoo, the highchair, and everywhere else Addy sits. :-)

Clayton loves to swing right along with Addy. He discovered he can sit on the bar right next to her and they both can swing at the same time. Only problem - I'm not sure the swing was made to hold both of them (around 45 pounds)!

Addyson - all ready for another night of VBS!

Happy brother and sister!

5:30 AM - Clayton woke up for the day at this unearthly hour.
6:30 AM - He ate his first breakfast.
7:45 AM - Addyson got up with us.
8:30 AM - He ate his second breakfast and fell asleep in his booster seat while I was feeding Addyson!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Not all fun and games . . .

It's not always easy getting pictures of the kids. :-)

When I was trying to get Addy's 6-month pictures, Clayton kept grabbing her hat and putting it on his head.

This is what he did when I asked him to go get his own hat.

So, it's not all fun and games when I'm trying to photograph the kids . . . Thankfully, they do cooperate every now and then. :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Little Lady

These are Addyson's 6-month pictures - it's so hard to believe she's already half a year old!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Busy Month of June

The month of June absolutely flew by! Here's a few pictures of the June happenings (in a strange order since blogger will no longer let me copy and paste - ??).

Clayton "helping" Daddy lower the seat on his new little bike.

Clayton was thrilled with his new little bike that he refers to as "cycle bike."
A dear lady at my inlaws church found this for Clayton at a garage sale. So nice!

The little cowgirl at Cracker Barrel.

While in Missouri, we "tried" to get all 8 babies (that were 2 and under) in a denim diaper picture. The mothers had lots of laughs; the fathers - not so much. :-)

Jana won a House Party sponsored by Febreze. It was a ton of fun getting all these free Febreze products!!

Nothing says summer like playing with the garden hose!

So much for the bib! Clayton really got into his yogurt this day.

Addy had her first swing ride at 5 months. She loved it!

Aaron graduated from UC with his Bachelors in Information Technology. We are SO GLAD he is done with school!!

Clayton loved Aaron's hat and didn't even want to take it off when we got in the car. This is how he fell asleep.

Happy Addy!

Addyson sportin' the new dress from her Great Grandma Herring.

A very unsure Clayton at the Butterfly Show at Eden Park.

Happy Father's Day!

Clayton loves pulling Addyson around in the wagon. I follow close behind, ready to take over when we get to the hill. :-)