Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All in a Day's Work

Today was "put the camera in my pocket day" - and I'm so glad I did.  We are loving this warm spring weather and have spent most of it outside. 

The plant below was a hospital gift when Clayton was born!  It has grown and grown and grown some more and has really outgrown it's original basket (yes, I still kept the blue bow in the front and the little note in it from our dear friends, Matt & Erika).  Today I decided it needed a new pot, so the kids were more than willing to help.

They loved digging and scooping up the dirt...

...and then refilling it around the plant.

Then we took a walk around the block.  The house at the front of our subdivision has a few sheep and goats. The kids LOVE going to see them and always want to feed them.

Back home and inside for their favorite game (that we usually play multiple times a day) - Cootie!

This video is the reason I was so glad I had my camera today... I LOVE my job!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

February in Review

Since I don't blog near as much as I'd like to, I thought I'd at least do a "month in review" post.  Here's a few snapshots from a fun-filled February . . .

Enjoying the first warm days - with a picnic on the porch (Clayton's request).

Had an amazing turnout at the Inner-Church Fellowship (a little over 200 people) with 4 area churches! Definitely a "do-again" event.

All the kids sure enjoyed each other - they put this "train" together all on their own.

It was good to have the fearsome four together again - we were all college freshmen together at GBS (with lots of good memories). :-)

Addy's favorite thing to do when we get home from church on Sunday morning - sample some dough from the bread machine before I get the rolls baked. :-)

We celebrated Cameron's 19th birthday with dessert at The Cheesecake Factory.

Now isn't that a picture of love - letting her lick the batter from our chocolate cupcakes. :-)

Homemade sugar cookies for Valentines Day - doubled as our place card settings. :-)

We sure enjoyed having Drew, Caleb, and Kaley with us this week.

The umbrella brigade - this is what the kids played with while the dads were fixing . . .

the front door of the church! Because of extremely high winds, the glass shattered during church on Wednesday night.

This is only a glimpse of our month - and now already half-way through March. :-)