Sunday, December 19, 2010

Clayton the Angel

Clayton was really impacted by the GBS Christmas Program.  His favorite part was the angels and the tuba.  Quite the combination!  :-)  So, we've been re-inacting several parts and making up a lot as we go along.  The first thing he asked for was angel wings.  He's been singing "Gloria, Gloria" and running all through the house.  Aaron tried to get him to expand his 2-word song by adding "Gloria in excelsis Deo" (Latin for "Glory to God in the highest") - and yes, I had to google that to figure out how to spell it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Garner Family

My friend, Debbie, and her children came over for a photo shoot.  We had the best time talking and laughing and letting Adley and Clayton play together.  Here's a few from the session:

Adley is fascinated with her new baby brother.

Sweet baby Lincoln.  It breaks my heart that his father has yet to see him in person.  His father is fighting for us overseas.

Little Santa Baby. :-)

Clayton had been napping (thus the bed hair), but quickly woke up when he realized his friend, Adley, was here.  :-)  Adley and Clayton are only a few weeks apart.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow Fun

I was so excited to see SNOW on Saturday morning.  My philosophy: If it's gonna be cold - then let's have snow.

However, I did have an outdoor photo session planned with our great friends Craig and Tonya.  So we talked and decided, why not go ahead anyway?  :-)

So glad they didn't mind braving the cold and the snow!  Even little Shane was a trooper!

On a side note . . .

I was trying so hard to make sure my kids would be warm and bundled up (since we were all going out in the cold together) that I put double layers on them, even had hats and gloves out.  We put them in their car seats with a blanket each and after we got to the park I realized I had left their warm winter coats AT HOME!  Eek!  So, the Lambeth's graciously let Addy wear Shane's coat (since he was in the picture) and Clayton was content to run around for extra warmth.  I'm glad I had them in double layers!  :-)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

We had a lot of fun in Indiana over Thanksgiving this year. . .

Clayton and Addyson enjoying the cool little kids table!

Yes, she's nearly one, but this was her first Thanksgiving.

The first snow of the season - we all rushed outside to check it out (without coats!).

Caris showing Clayton some tricks with his slinky.

Eating Chinese - one of our favorites!

The owner of this restaurant loves children. She came to our table and took Addyson back to the kitchen to show the other girls.  :-)

Checking out the Colts merchandise.

Even Addy sported a hat (for a few seconds).

Clayton found Cameron's little graduation gown from Kindergarten and was playing with it.

Thankful for my family!

Praying Hands

Most of my photography includes faces - I love taking pictures of people!  However, when Helen Reiff asked me to photograph her husband's praying hands with his Bible I said, "Of course!"

I love this photo and know his children will treasure this print.