Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rocking Sheep

I LOVE consignment sales, yard sales, garage sales, etc. and have gone to 3 kids consignment sales in the last 2 weeks: Mason, Florence, and West Chester. It was very interesting to see how the sales were conducted, the items that were there, and the volume of people that showed up. I got to the West Chester sale at 7:50 AM (it opened at 8), and there were over 600 people in line - no kidding! So much for being there early! But, I still snagged some bargains and especially loved this rocking sheep that I found for only $5. Clayton absolutely loves it! In fact, I had to hide it on Sunday morning because he wanted to play with it instead of get ready for church.

He drags the sheep to where I am in the house. We were getting ready to eat supper and he thought the sheep should be fed too!

Saturday morning when he got on it for the first time.

He loves this toy I found there too. He pushes it all over the house and it makes music. He's also wearing the cool yellow rubber boots I found. These will be great for the muddy outdoors!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Addyson at 2 months

I can't believe Addyson is already 2 months old! I managed to get these pictures done while Clayton was napping. I haven't attempted a photo with them both together - makes me nervous just thinking about it - but I want to try it soon. She did great with her photo session and was happy as a bee!

Clayton at 16 months

Clayton is getting a little harder to photograph because he won't stay still! :-) You should have seen me trying to get these pictures (or maybe not). I would throw sweetarts on the backdrop and he would run get them, and I would try to snap away. He also loves to climb, so I put a box under the backdrop and let him explore that for a while. Next time, we're waiting until Aaron gets home. He's a 2-man job!

Bumbo Time!

We pulled out the Bumbo seat for Addyson this weekend. She loved it! And Clayton loved it too. He kept wanting to sit in it. Only problem with him was he would get stuck once he was down and had a hard time getting out. :-)

Our Chinese meal of Cashew Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken - yum!

I always have a hard time judging how much rice to fix - yep, we had plenty!!

This video was when Clayton saw Addyson in the Bumbo seat for the first time. We thought it was so funny that he kept saying, "Hi, Baby."