Friday, May 04, 2012

April in Review

Loved the month of April and all the happenings it brought...
We planted 3 trees in our yard!

Clayton was so excited to help Daddy plant the trees.

Our annual tradition - attend the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade!  FUN times!!

Go Reds!

Waiting "patiently" for it to start.

Loved watching Addy wave back to all the people in the parade.

Easter - one of our very favorite holidays!!

First kites! Extra fun times!

Kroger shopping trip, complete with their own little carts. Addy even brought a purse along. 

Another Sunday at church.

Squeezed in a quick trip to the zoo - we love the manatee exhibit! 

A train ride - hardly anyone was at the zoo that day (it had rained that morning)!

Addy sang right along with the computer during IHC!

Clayton and Addy love Sami and Carrie Keep!

Colton Loper and Addy - IHC is a good time to see family...

...and friends!