Monday, June 20, 2011

The Garden

We were so excited about planting a garden this year!  When you don't have a lot of garden tools, a square-foot garden works great.  This is our first attempt at this, so we will see how it goes.  Aaron built the boxes and got a lot of ides from this book.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed "helping" with the garden and go out to check on it all the time. :-)

Getting it all ready and placed in just the right spot.

Mixing, mixing, and more mixing.

Addy took a break and found a seat just her size. :-)

And more mixing! Clayton loved this part.

Off to the garden center to choose our plants and seeds.

Can't wait to put the seeds in the ground! 

The three boxes, looking out from the back door.
We planted tomatoes, peppers, green beans, squash, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, sunflowers (Clayton's request), cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Yes, that's dirt on her mouth. Everything still goes in there. :-)

So willing to help. :-)

And playing in the water was a lot of fun too!

Clayton took his watering job very seriously. He nearly drowned all the tomato and pepper plants. :-)

 The next morning . . .

There was one more square that Aaron left for the kids. Clayton wanted to plant sunflowers (thanks to a Winnie the Pooh book we had recently read), so he's proudly holding the seeds.

Planting the sunflower seeds.

That afternoon while eating Popsicles, they went to check on their sunflowers and couldn't understand why they weren't up yet.

Addy brought me several markers; so much for knowing what varieties are planted where. :-)

A celebratory hug! It's growing!!

One day they took juice drinks outside. I looked up and saw this. Clayton knew to sit on the very edge of the box. Addy, however, sat right on top of the lettuce! You can see how her legs are sticking straight out. :-)  The funny thing was, I forgot to tell Aaron. He came in and said, "Something's been getting in the garden - the lettuce is all smashed down!" :-)

The crazy rabbits did get the green beans, so Aaron rigged up this to keep them out.

Hooray - it looks promising!!

All 3 boxes again. For some reason, the rabbits only liked that first box, although we have green beans in all 3. Hopefully they will stay away for good!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Fun!

The kids were sooo excited when I pulled out this little pool.  We bought this off season (in December for a steal of a deal), so it's been hidden away until now. 

Even though it's small and they don't "swim" in it, it's unbelievable how many calories they are burning away by playing in it. They are eating like crazy and taking really good naps! :-)

A little cold at first!

Took off the barn

Eating lunch and drying off.

It was warmer by the afternoon so Addy finally wanted in.

Back inside to cool off with ice cream cones!


Clayton loves ice cream cones, but won't eat the cone. He keeps wanting me to fill it up with ice cream and eats the last bit of it with a spoon (but does NOT want a bowl of ice cream). Addy loves ice cream too, but would also eat a cone dry (with out any ice cream). They are so funny!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Our Indiana Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend in Indiana.

Cameron graduated from high school! That was hard to believe. Cameron was only 3 when I first met him. :-)

Very proud of him earning Salutatorian status.

Of course we have to get in our Chinese meal. :-)


Clayton and Addy love playing the piano.

Clayton made his debut on Sunday night by singing a solo in church.

A family reunion on Monday finished up our weekend - good times and good fun!