Friday, August 17, 2012

The Lambeth Family

I had so much fun doing a photo session with this sweet family!  Chris and Nancy celebrated 15 years of marriage and had pictures done to document this special milestone.  These are some of my favorites!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

July in Review

Our month of July in pictures . . .
Participated in a July 4th parade (the kids LOVED it)!

Watched the Monroe 4th of July parade - they got tons of candy!

Let the kids do a few fireworks of our own.

Had so much fun at VBS!

Addy loved being on the preschool team at VBS!!

Discovered the splash pad in Middletown . . .  

. . . and had a fun picnic there with friends!

Addy won't get wet yet, so she enjoyed the swings at the park.

Attended the Crazy Cardboard Regatta in West Chester - so fun!!

You just gotta see these boats made out of . . . yes, that's right, cardboard!

Some don't make it very far . . .

. . . but help is always near.

Kaley got to stay with us for a few days - she was learning a little Taekwando by breaking a board (at the Regatta). :-)

We went to Liam's 3rd birthday party at this incredible park!

Clayton loved these!

And Addy loved the slide!

Seeing all these kids with party hats was so cute!

And we play outside a lot! Clayton is learning how to ride a scooter and Addy is trying to learn how to do hop scotch.

Back to the splash pad with cousins...

... Addy still won't get wet. :-)

But Allie sure will! She loved it!

We celebrated 13 years of marriage by eating at Red Robin (photo by Clayton).

And if he gets to take a picture, she wants to take one to. (So funny to see from their perspective.) 

 Happy August!!