Thursday, June 20, 2013

OuterBanks - us

It was so much to get together with all our vacation friends last night and reveal all the photos - not just the professional ones, but all our snapshots too.  We laughed all over again and talked about all the funny memories we made. 

I love all the photos from each of the families!  It was a little tricky getting some of our own family, but Abbey Stetler helped us out.  I would shoot some of her and then give her the camera, fix what I could, and then hop in the photo. :-)  We had a lot of fun and laughs - some of the out takes are something else!  :-)  

Here's a few from our family.  

Photo Credit: All photos with me in them were taken by Abbey Stetler.  Thanks, Abbey!

My all-time favorite photo of the kids!



Anonymous said...

I Love these photos. Shirl Herring

Anonymous said...

LOVE all these!! They are sooo, good! I love the close-up of all of you!! So good! :)

Jana said...

Love, Love, Love these!!! Pictures on the beach are hard to beat!!!